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Are you a qualified therapist?
I am qualified in Reflexology, Foot Tapping Reflexology, a Reiki Master, crystal healing, aromatherapy massage, magnetic massage. I am a member of the Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology, Professional Reflexology Organization The Reiki Association.
If you are claiming through medical or health insurance, I can provide the appropriate receipts.
I also teach Foot Tapping Reflexology.

Do I need to undress?
No. Reiki and Crystal healing is done fully clothed and I do not touch you, I place my hands close to you. Reflexology, I just need to access to feet and lower legs. Magnetic massage can be done over light clothes.
You sit or lie on a coach or I bring a special chair that reclines so I can access your feet from my stool.

Will reflexology tickle?
Reflexology uses very firm actions that do not usually tickle. If necessary, reflexology can be carried out on the hands

Do I choose which treatment I want?
You may choose any treatments however I like to offer a consultation and adapt combinations of treatments that are right for your mind and body.

I've got awful feet and I'm too embarrassed to show them.
Do not worry, I've seen so many feet, I'm more interested in how they feel not how they look, though areas of hard skin are often related to health issues. I was once a ballet dancer and we have truly ugly feet, so nothing is too much. If you have athlete's foot please do not have a treatment until infection is cleared.

How can rubbing my feet make my fears go away?
Foot Tapping reflexology combines some EFT with meridian cleansing and reflexology to tap away negativity and replace it with positivity. You don't have to tell me your problems or any details, or even really understand them emotions attached to feeling stressed or bad, just think about them, I tap them away and replace them with positives. It sounds so simple and it is. It works and is incredibly powerful and liberating. I personally have received tapping tretaments for a range of issues from lack of self-esteem to fear and trust issues, it is amazing and empowering to get your life back and beyond your hopes and dreams.

Jayne's treatment was very powerful. As my daughter has quite a few health problems, Jayne adapted the treatment and did Meridian Cleansing and Reiki followed by Reflexology. My daughter looked and felt so much better afterwards. It was so good to see her looking relaxed with sparkly eyes. Looking forward to further treatments. Thank you Jayne .. a light at the end of the tunnel :) S

The reflexology treatment was so different to a previous therapist. I could feel a difference straight away and her monthly treatments keep my back pain at bay. It makes such a difference to my life. Thank you J

I have just had the best two nights sleep I have had in a long time. My reflexology session with Jayne on Friday evening was not what I expected but calmed and relaxed me so much. My aches and pains have gone and feel so ready to face what I know is going to be a hectic couple of months. Thank you Jayne. Would recommend to anyone 😁

Jayne helped my girlfriend who was 7 months pregnant. She let her get comfortable on the sofa then treated her feet. I'm sure Jayne wasn't too comfy but my girlfriend really appreciated this. After the treatments my girlfriend stayed on the sofa and slept. It really helped her in the later stages and now we have an amazing little boy.

I was unable to conceive naturally and IVF had failed. Weekly treatments with Jayne changed my system, I could feel it all working different, and within 4 months I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful daughter, thank you Jayne for our gift.

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