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What happens in a treatment?

At, or prior to, the first treatment an assessment questionnaire is completed, this is reviewed at each treatment. The information collected and stored is only for the use of Primrose Therapy treatments, conforming to GDPR. At present I ask you wear a mask throughout and will be asked to cleanse your hands on arrival. I will be wearing a mask and other suitable PPE, along with disposable couch roll. The room is thoroughly cleaned before and after each treatment.
A typical Reiki or Crystal healing session is 30 minutes, you remain dressed and are welcome to sit or lie down for treatment. I place my hands or crystals over your body and head in various areas sending and transferring energies. I can often feel a change in temperature in the areas requiring more attention. You may feel a tingling sensation in the more stressed and blocked regions and will feel deeply relaxed. Every treatment is different as every body has different energies and blockages. This can be offered as remote or Distance Reiki

A typical Reflexology treatment is 45-60 minutes long. You remain dressed but feet and lower legs need to be accessible for treatment.
You lie back and relax on a special supporting chair, whilst I cleanse then massage and treat the feet and lower legs. You may feel some sensitive areas as pressure is applied appropriately and will feel relaxed.

After a glass of water you are ready to carry on your day but may feel a little too relaxed to rush too much. Try to plan your appointments with some relaxation time afterwards to allow the treatment to be deeply absorbed.

The treatments can have some instant results others can take a few hours to develop. The results can last for various periods of time. Most clients require several weekly sessions to clear the initial problems then have top up treatments every 2-3 weeks to keep the body running at maximum efficiency.
I have a treatment every two weeks to keep me running at top efficiency. I have arthritis but treatments keep me pain free and mobile. After a car crash I was having sleepless nights and flashbacks, I had one treatment to tap away the flashbacks and they are gone.

Tapping treatments work with new or deep set and old fears, PTSD, etc. You do not need to tell me what the problem is, often we can't describe or have blocked periods of our lives and cannot describe how we feel, we know that we no longer want to feel like that, these treatments can really help move you forward in life, to live again.

Reiki or crystal healing session £30.00, Reflexology or emotional tapping session £37, cash or card.
Reflexology treatments Blackburn, Clitheroe and surrounding area.

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